Create an Image That Attracts The Career, Relationships and Life Opportunities You Desire - ON DEMAND.

During This Masterclass You'll Learn...

  • How to create an image that showcase your experience and value. 

  • What it takes to build a wardrobe that makes you look more attractive, fit and masculine (suits and ties are optional).

  • How to use style as a tool to directly improve your career, social status or relationships. 

“Now my clothes match who I truly am and I have the confidence to wear them"


International multi-media expert.

“I don't even want to think about how I used to be before working with Ty."


Real Estate Professional

“I feel more bold to start conversations I normally wouldn't have."


Software Engineer

Take Control Of Your Image

As a sharp man you will project confidence with your appearance which develops confidence in your ability to achieve the life you desire. 

  • Your Career Will Benefit

    Being Sharp communicates success which attracts more success. 

  • You'll be Your Best Self

    Being Sharp magnifies your best qualities on sight. 

  • You Will Be Respected

    Being Sharp signals that you're a respected member of society. 

  • Your Lady Will Love It

    Sharp men are the epitome of the masculine image which is highly attractive to women on a primitive level.

Stop Getting Overlooked

Men Who Don't Stand Out Go Unnoticed.

  • Not Getting Noticed for the Promotion?

  • Not Getting Noticed for the Raise?

  • Not Getting Noticed for the Invitation?

No Man is Born Sharp!

You can tell a lot about a man by the clothes he chooses to wear. Most of us put comfort over all else. The way we do one thing is how we do everything. I allowed myself to be too comfortable, in my career, my relationship and it showed in my appearance. 

I help men get comfortable with achieving a sharp image so they can experience the benefits of a well dressed man every day. 

Get Started!

1. Watch Masterclass

Learn the steps to creating an image that attracts success.

2. Book Call

 I will help you get clear on how to improve your current image.

3. Take Action


Take action on the advice to improve your image and watch your life transform.

Once a man sees himself sharper than ever before, he becomes unstoppable.

Ty Cutner, Image Coach

About Ty Cutner. 

From a bus driver to a Chief Operations Officer in a matter of months thanks to a sharp appearance...


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